Our booth at IMM 2019 was totally themed according to our motto POINTS OF VIEW. Come along with us and see what we mean!


At first sight our booth at this year’s furniture fair in Cologne had a touch of a museum’s collection – very diverse, giving furniture and thoughts lots of space. Space for playing, for performance, and interpretation. Our aim was to inspire visitors to allow various points of view, in a playful, humorous, and sometimes even provoking way. The idea was to use less color on the booth itself; thus, our colorful furniture was in direct contrast to the booth and each item was able to impress the viewer in its very own way. Have a look at our film: Bretz at IMM 2019

Our new 2019 model La Collina with swivel chair and the new side tables Ohlinda with tabletops burnt oak.

Our new 2019 models: Drop City with the Velours de Gène fabric dancing bird and the Ohlinda table.

Together with the theme TRUE DIVERSITY of our 2019 catalog, we created sort of a collage of thoughts, inspiring people to realize and talk. Only an open-minded, liberal society may develop and live diversity!


We used the so-called “toilet graffiti” style to change quotations, statements, and guidelines (maxims), giving them a new sense. Changing the meaning by spraying over the original lines, we did not intend to be serious nor did we always stick to the truth. Just a vivid expression, hands-on, sometimes childish, sometimes wise or even true. However, toilet graffiti does not request to reveal the truth, but to show alternative positions – a request to leave the standard patterns of thinking.


Some lines may be ambiguous, they may even generate a new sense by interlacing two sentences. Thus, two different, sometimes opposite meanings face each other! And you may need to read the lines twice to get their meaning, to see that there is not just one but two sentences which also have two different meanings. That’s True Diversity!

We are looking forward to seeing you at IMM Cologne 2020! Come visit us 13-19 January 2020 – the fair will be open to all from Friday, 17 January to Sunday, 19 January 2020.

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