» A summer day by the pool: Sparkling water, the taste of popsicles, that slowly melts in your mouth and the feeling of sunshine on your skin. Poolside gives us the almost weightless state of suspension that one achieves when one is completely relaxed, carried by air, floating over the glittering water and indulging in the idleness of a lazy day by the water. «

The Design

The sculptural shilouette of Poolside reminds us of a

monumental float, gliding silently on glassy water.

The sofa gets its sculptural character from the voluminous upholstery, which looks like swim tires stacked on top of each other. The backrest, composed of two round upholstered bodies that enclose the lush, springy seat, creates the impression of absolute softness on the one and reliable stability on the other hand.

» It´s all in the details «

Despite the voluminous silhouette, the design radiates an exceedingly dynamic power. This is created by the “volumes” running slightly against each other. On the one hand, the seat has a seat slope of approx. 4 cm from front to back and on the other hand, the slightly flared backrest tapers from back to front and from top to bottom.

Poolside in our “Happy Velvet” – pink

Poolside in our “blue hour” – Velours

» From the sketch to the product «

Based on the first shape study in the form of hand sketches, a first 3D solid model was constructed. Thus, the sofa was first digitally “pre-developed” from the outside to the inside. Foam thicknesses and volume weights were defined and frame specifics for the upholstery and the resulting seating comfort were planned in detail.

Design and craftsmanship go hand in hand. For this purpose, the design team works closely with the in-house development department in order to use the greatest possible synergy effects of both resources. The construction of the back frames and their connection to each other was particularly challenging.

The seat has a different inclination towards the back than the back towards the front. The indentation in the front of the backrest should slope downwards to take up the contour line of the seat again, which means that the back must not only be curved, but inclined in two directions. In order to implement these specifications constructively, many work steps, coordination and tests were necessary.

Product development

Not only during the development time, but also beyond that, a lot of care and attention to detail is required. For example, every single fold is laid by hand!


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