Bretz Collection 2023

Balaao – The unbearable lightness of being

>> With his lively
charisma and nonchalant manner
Balaao invites you to cut the leashes of everyday life
and to enjoy the small moments
of happiness
. <<

The leitmotif

The name Balaao is borrowed from the Portuguese word for balloon and refers to the bulbous stitching of the seating elements, which are reminiscent of a sequence of bulging balloons that gently lift us – even beyond our own horizon.

The product design is subject to this guiding principle: Although at first glance the sofa appears to be square, a closer look reveals that it has been transformed into a softer, more sensual design language.

>> From the idea to the design <<

Also the folds, that gently envelop the generous cushion do not ask for rules or uniformity. They are laid by hand and make each piece unique.

Colour schemes

Whether in a cheerful yellow, shimmering blue, plain gray or warm white, Balaao cuts a fine figure in any cover and loses nothing of its cozy opulence. For more information on the new Bretz upholstered furniture program Balaao and the Bretz fabric collection 2023, please visit our website.

You can get detailed adive on the right model and the matching velour in any of our flagship- or partner stores. 

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