Bretz cushions

It’s that time again; Christmas is just around the corner. Slowly we come to rest and enjoy the pre-Christmas period with mulled wine and our loved ones. But real peace only comes to those who already have the gifts under the tree. But don’t worry, if you’re not one of them, we have the perfect gift for you!

Gifts bring joy – also for the givers

Why not give a beautiful handmade Bretz cushion to make your friends’ home even more attractive and cozy.

You can never have enough…

Whether round, square or rectangular. Buttoned, quilted or smocked.
Patterned, colorful or neutral. Smooth or fluffy….
One thing our cushions have in common – they are handmade, with the most beautiful and exclusive fabrics from Italy, Belgium and Germany.

No matter what shape or color you choose, a Bretz cushion is definitely an eye-catcher and shines in velour covers more beautiful than any wrapping paper. Add a little bow – and you’re done!

Give joy

Giving a gift is always a loving gesture. Often the recipients are people we like and with whom we spend a lot of time. To honor these shared moments at the end of the year once again and to thank them, succeeds wonderfully with a Bretz cushion. Our pillows are unique and are handmade with attention to detail. Just stop by one of our Bretz stores to choose between the most beautiful colors and shapes.

Gifts are an expression of gratitude, and gratitude makes you happy.

Cocoa Island carries our Fiffy, as well as Eisbär and Feather Grey cushion

Cuddly soft winter verlours

Because we at Bretz are not into pulling your fur over the animals’ ears, we have no less soft faux fur alternatives, such as our woven fur Fiffy or polar fox ready for you.

Fiffi not only looks like a cuddly fur ball, Fiffi is. Whether in large, small, rectangular, square or round, we process this very special velour in every pillow size. Only topstitching or buttons have to be omitted if you want to get a Fiffi.

Pile: 85 % polyacrylic, 15 % polyester

Probably the most cuddly and velvety velour is the Arctic Fox. It lives up to its name, shines like the winter fur of the blue fox and keeps at least as warm. Long, cozy hours on the sofa are therefore pre-programmed.

Pile: 100% polyacrylic

Like a real polar bear fur, our fine mohair gives warmth and defies any cold. The days are short and the nights long; long and icy cold. Not only as a cushion the cuddly soft velour looks good, also as a blanket or plaid it keeps you warm and lulls you gently into your winter fairy tale dream.

Pile: 100% mohair

Cuddly character pillows

Still need a last-minute Christmas gift? Then just drop by one of our flagship- or partner stores .

If you already have a Bretz velour cushion under the Christmas tree, you can find care and cleaning tips in our Bretz care-booklet.

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