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Cloud7 F 154

Design by Design by Magdalena Borowski-Jasienski

Cloud7 F 154

11 years – CLOUD 7 has been the BRETZ upholstery bestseller for a decade by now. Asymmetrical, edgy forms meet heavenly soft upholstery. Masterly upholstered rhombuses snuggling up to the body so wonderfully. You will be floating on Cloud7 (… Germans cannot imagine higher!). “Probably the most comfortable sofa in the world” (Norbert Bretz). Strong formation of creases is design-inherent.

Ideal modular system for symmetrical and asymmetrical sofas and corner sectionals with high design standard. Creative artwork for Interior designers. Solutions for simple and complicated layouts, for small and (very) large room layouts.

sound wooden structure.

complex metal spring suspension with horizontal “Nosag” + vertical “Bonnell” spring systems.

Elastic straps. Above in seat and back: Super-soft, long-lasting, multi-layer, made-to-measure cold foam composition and cosy polyester fleece.

Standard: “33” = black gliders.
Surcharge: “87” = “Twista” aluminium (height + 5 cm).

Seat height40cm
Seat depth55-65cm