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Croissant Recamiere X113li

Design by Pauline Junglas

Croissant Recamiere X113li

Strong statement pieces that welcome you with open arms. Elegant, classic upholstered sofas, récamièrs and corners with normal seat depth for cultivated sitting. The enveloping and concisely formulated ARMrest provides a feeling of secturity with a sitting comfort that is both classic and really cosy. Deep indentations in the back and fine stitchings in the seat upholstery provide structure and gentle volume. CROISSANT floats freely on the 20cm high “SLOPE” aluminium feet, looking like a sculpture completing this rhythmically curved piece of upholstery art. Lean dimensions, ideal for living spaces and projects alike.

Solid wooden structure. Seat: tight swinging Nosag springs, 10 cm Bonnell spring core, balanced premium foam core, fluffy upholstery fleece. Back with integrated kidney support, very elastic cold foam, upholstery fleece. Strong formation of creases is design inherent.

Width196 cm
Depth87 cm
Height87 cm
Seat height45 cm
Seat depth64 cm