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Gaudi A210li

Design by Bretz Brothers

Gaudi A210li

21 years GAUDI – BRETZ Crafted Romance – sanguine, baroque forms as opposed to the minimalistic mainstream.
Correct, sound sitting comfort. Formation of creases is design-inherent.

Upholstery: Sound wooden structure. Metal spring suspension with horizontal “Nosag” + vertical “Bonnell” spring systems, high quality foam shapes, cosy polyester fleece. Back: Elastic straps, back-supporting foam shapes, cosy polyester fleece.

Skillfully applied decorative nails:
“50” = golden antique
“60” = shiny gold,
“80” = shiny silver

standard: “84” = oblique, aluminium polished.
surcharge I: “83” = “Paw”, aluminium partly polished, “87” = “Twista”, aluminium partly polished
surcharge II: “63” = “Paw”, 24ct gold plated

Seat height43cm
Seat depth~53cm