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Matilda Uli Rli Xre 116

Design by Carolin Kutzera

Matilda Uli Rli Xre 116

Modular upholstery system with “soaring” back cushions to snuggle up to. Everything from small sets to large dream sceneries, 90°-corners or sofa centerpieces. Back cushions may be exchanged if desired. Edgy five-sided designs opening up innovative communication spaces.

The width of sofa and corner sectionals may be extended by middle elements R 116li/re in 1 meter steps.
Strong formation of creases is inherent to the design.

Upholstery – seat:
Sound wooden structure. Complex metral spring suspension with horizontal “nosag”+ vertical “Bonnell” spring system. Elastic multilayer cold foam composition. Fabric quilted on polyester fleece.

Inner structure made of bended, silver-colored metal tubes mounted under the seat bottom. Above: removeable multi-compartment cushion inlet with cold foam rods and polyester fibre ball filling. Loose back cushion covers (professional cleaning required!) fixed with velcro strips.

Seat height41cm
Seat depth100-160cm