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Monster Q 183

Design by Bretz Brothers

Monster Q 183

21 years ago, Bretz invented its iconic sofas with large seat depths. Lean back, your legs high on the sofa, let your spirit flow! Desired “side effect”: your blood will be more at ease flowing back from your lower legs to the heart… Puristic, softly rounded forms. Giant, mattress-like seat cushion. Important: Fluff up and reshape cushions regularly!
Occurence of creases is design-inherent.

Sound wooden structure. Seat: metal spring suspension. Seat cushions with a high quality foam core and a luxurious composition of small foam rods and quills. Back: Elastic straps covered by a made-to-measure, high density, anatomically designed cold foam layer and polyester fleece.

Sofa bed:
Elastic frame base. back supporting cold foam mattress for “every once in a while” use. Classic bed and lounge sofa made in Germany!

standard: “84” = oblique, aluminium silver polished.
surcharge I: “83” = paws aluminium silver partly polished,  “87” = “Twista”, aluminium silver partly polished
surcharge II: “63” = paws 24ct gold plated, partly polished.

Seat height45cm