the perfect wave — for centuries it has fascinated humanity, inspired by the tumultuous, healing power of the ocean. Expression of a cool, swinging lifestyle for many people,a key aspect of sofa design for us.

“Hang loose”, “laid back” — the motto of all surfers and those who live life with gusto — embodied in a modular sofa system that puts your body into an optimal, wavelike position of relaxation.   MYAMI allows you to travel back into Miami of the 1970ies in an almost horizontal position, where you can lose yourself in delightful fantasies.

Two seat depths, three element widths. Solutions for (almost) all layouts: single elements, sofas, chaises and corner sofas in 34 cm-increments!

Two 45°-half corners produce a typical 90°-corner with corner legs measuring 170cm and generous seating space for two people. Combining  single 45°-half corners with straight elements produces extraordinary sofa layouts.

Seat height43cm
Seat depth69-112cm