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Ohlinda F 118

Design by Carolin Kutzera

Ohlinda F 118

Apparently floating, mattress-like sectional upholstery system, surrounded by individually colored backrests floating likewise. Sensitively balanced upholstery snuggling up to your body. Formation of creases is inherent to the design.

Sound wooden structure. Complex metal spring suspension with horizontal “Nosag” + vertical “Bonnell” spring system. Above: elastic multilayer cold foam and fleece. One backrest may be mounted on each short side, two backrests on each long side.

Inner structure made of bended, silver-colored, round metal tubes mounted on the bottom of each seat. Above: removeable multi-compartment cushion inlet with cold foam rods and polyester fibre ball filling. Losse back cushion covers (professional cleaning required!) fixed with velcro strips.

Modular upholstery system made of 3 basic elements:
– large seat element (184 x 92 cm),
– small seat element (92 x 92 cm) and
– backrest including small cushion for additional lumbar support (small cushion not included in case of leather).
Seat elements may be added on all sides if desired. Please provide a layout indicating the order of all elements so we may optimize the pile shading of your velvet cover and the positions of element connectors.
In case you want to rearrange the elements you may easily reposition the connectors, in that case, velvet seat covers may display very strong shadings as pile directions are not adjusted to the new position of seat elements.


Seat height40cm
Seat depth92cm