the new icon of a visually floatting, delicate sofa system. The slim, geometric body meets artistic quilted plaids, which loosely and elegantly fall over the backrest which is shaped in an ideal line. The quilting patterns, painstakingly sewn by hand, create a soft flowing motion, reminiscent of the subtle plasticity of Japanese origami. This results in a velvety opulence, which envelops you and caresses the body tenderly. In a meditative glance, it appears as though it floats light as a feather like a ballerina gliding over the dance floor.

Modular interior design system in 44 cm increments:
the cleverly cut modules can be used to form endless expandable sofas and corner sectional layouts. Widths from 88 cm to “infinity”. Seat depths: 87 cm and 132cm, linked together in one sofa, furthermore extendible with stools in 2 different widths.

Solid rounded pipe metal frame. Seat: Horizontal “Nosag” springs,  cylinder pocket spring core, cold foam covering, cosy upholstery fleece.

Horizontal “Nosag” springs, kidney support, cold foam covering, cosy upholstery fleece.

Loose seat and back cushions:
very ample upholstery fleece connected to the fabric cover by manually sewed quilting points. Core: high quality cold foam with very good resilience. Seat and back cushions may be ordered separately.


Seat height41cm