ED Combinations

Design by Pauline Junglas

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ED is the perfect host – generous, flexible, nonconforming, and playful; a sofa with a delightful character. ED invites you to follow new paths with a childlike curiosity, unbiased spirit, and just for the fun of it. Take matters into your own hands! Gone are the days when a sofa was simply a sofa. ED is your safe space, your retreat. A playground and a snug. ED is always going to be there for you while giving you the space you need. The contrasting interplay of divergent geometric shapes and the possibility of combining them in the simplest ways is what makes this seating ensemble so unique: Large, extra springy seats with soft, square girds meet voluminous cushion-rolls and huge, soft plaid-cushions. Eternal security.

ED comes with an extensive add-on kit, i.e. it represents a huge modular system: By combining the seats with the back-/armrests – no matter if fixed by screws or just put on loosely – ED adjusts to your needs easily and with pleasure. Thus, you have an almost endless range of possibilities of combining the various elements in an individual and playful matter.


Variants & Ideas


ED Corner Sofa Z109LI

ED Corner Sofa H109LI

ED Sofa F109

ED Sofa FL109

Sofa ED

ED Corner Sofa TD-U109

ED Combinations

ED Seat Element V109