Moonraft Corner sofa H108RE

Design by Dagmar Marsetz

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MOONRAFT “…fly me to the moon“ stands for the feeling of zero gravity and the desire for getting to know the unknown. A place where the law of graviation does no longer exist. Get into a time warp, step back, and take a look at the world from outside space and time. Everything becomes relative this way. Enjoy the silence. Time stands still. We are crossing the line into the unknown.


Variants & Ideas


Moonraft Corner sofa H108RE

Moonraft Corner sofa Z108RE

Moonraft giant sofa G108

Moonraft Recamiere X108LI

Moonraft Sofa F108LR

Moonraft Sofa VS108

Moonraft Sofa FN108LR

Moonraft Sofa RLI MRN108LI