Varied components provide various moods in a room. The same colours put in a different context provide a totally new sense of living. That’s the case with the colourful dresses our Ohlinda wears –be prepared to be impressed by how versatile our Ohlinda actually is!


Why should we commit to only wearing one style, when all the others look so good on us as well? Boredom and dreariness are foreign words when it comes to the magnificent and colourful dresses our Ohlinda is wrapped in. Ohlinda means variety and is thus the proof that one can be unique as well as divers. From the oriental flair in shades of orange, yellow and green, or a refreshing but delicate look in silver or blue, to a tropical lagoon like turquoise: Ohlinda is an all-rounder and an eye-catcher in every one of her outfits. Get enchanted by our Ohlinda’s vivid world. Get excited by the new sides we’re about to show you and be inspired, you’ll surely find the perfect colour combination for your living room.

Two souls lie under one dress: shades of orange, yellow and green do not only show off Ohlinda’s splendid oriental side. Once the context in which one sees her is changed, Ohlinda can suddenly turn into a fine flowery meadow for your home. The contrast couldn’t be bigger. But as her name suggests, Ohlinda means “beauty” (from the Portuguese “o linda”). And it is with that beauty and grace that Ohlinda fills any room she is placed in.

Due to elements that can be combined in a multitude of ways, new and individual arrangements are possible. Therefore, a sofa can be created that’ll fit into every room perfectly.

The Gentle One

Ohlinda looks great in her natural colours. Combined with softer shades and earthy materials, Ohilnda can turn into a field of flowers for your home! In her oranges, yellows and greens, Ohlinda adepts to less opulent and more subtle rooms very well, and is thus a stylish eye-catcher.

The Profound One

Shining in greens, blues and nuances of turquoise, Ohlinda shows her tropical but profound side. It feels like sinking into an exotic lagoon, being gently rocked by the waves of the South Sea: Ohlinda carries you on her velvety hands and accompanies you from this world into the unexpected

The Magic One

In her fine shades of blue and silver, Ohlinda creates a magical almost mythical atmosphere. All those shimmering reflections give Ohlinda an elegant but simple effect. She fits into every interior where she works her magic without taking over the room.


  • Seemingly floating seat cushions
  • Every back cushion can be individually chosen in a multitude of colours
  • Modular system with two base elements offers a lot of combination possibilities
  • Extraordinarily supple upholstery


Find out more:

Curious? More inspiration may be found in our catalogue, or in our product sheet. This also entails Ohlinda’s different layouts – perfect to print out and play with ideas! You’d like to compile Ohlinda completely to your own desires? Then why not check out our Bretz Configurator?