To be honest, our carpets are way too awesome to treat on them. It’s a shame, really, but that’s what they’re there for. Of course, they also build the basis for our True Characters. Everything you need to know about our Bretz carpets is in this entry – like Aladdin says to Jasmine “Do you trust me?”


What is a sofa without a carpet? Almost as lonely as Batman without Robin. Honestly, every superhero needs their sidekick, the one person who has their backs and who really makes them shine. Robin is for Batman what our carpets are for our sofas. An essential accessory, the cherry on top, you catch our drift. No, seriously: Our carpets impeccably match our sofas and thus underline their respective characters while rounding off the whole ensemble.

Dream team: Matilda wearing her favourite ostrich dress and our Bretz carpet Lagoon: Together in perfect harmony.

“Strength lies in peace”: Zen Record takes up the clear and linear structures of Moonraft, while projecting them from the sofa back on to the floor.

An island for myself: Sunrise carries Cocoa Island in its gallant shade of Dark Cyan and thus let’s us dream of the South Pacific.


    Finest Tencel

    Our Bretz carpets are hand-knotted and are made out of a 100% TENCEL


    Because our carpets truly are small works of art, they want to be handled carefully. They, for example, don’t much like to be vacuumed with a brush extension, and neither are they fond of pointy objects. Should you want to clean them with bile soap and a hard brush, they will hold that against you. Their favourite spot is in front of the sofa, they think that the only being that should lie under the dining table is the dog. Or the cat. Because the constant moving of chairs and their legs does not do them any good, and they rather give the space to the dog. Or the cat. Because the former will definitely be super grateful about whatever scraps and crumbs might fall down. The cat however will simply scowl at them. Possibly.