In order for carpets to be able to keep up with Bretz furniture, a certain intensity is needed. Sunrise and Sundowner embody that quality. Indeed, they manage to brighten the whole living space because they are inspired by different lighting atmospheres. Their contrast of the lighter, almost glowing, inner surface to the darker outline emphasises that. Furthermore, the flowing Tuft-Duktus, a very characteristic style, gives the carpet a unique signature.

The light atmosphere in Deli was very inspiring, that is how I got a fresh new outlook on things.

Designer Dagmar Marsetz


The technique to produce carpets is called Tufting. Here, every thread is being attached to the support fabric by stitching it in – every single thread after another. This careful craft leads to small differences in every carpet and thus turns each and every one of them into one of a kind artworks.

First, the graphic lines are being drawn on a computer in order to later project them on to the main material.

Because the making of a whole carpet takes between 4 and 5 weeks, any colour coordination that takes place in advance can only be laid out in a small scale model, otherwise the whole process would be too intense and time consuming. But that also means that our design team has to be able to have the bigger picture in their mind’s eye. It is a challenge that our designer Dagmar Marsetz has mastered very successfully and who has thus expanded our collection by four new carpets!

Choosing the colours is one of the most exciting processes! The careful grading of the nuances in the yarns have intensified my percipience a lot.

Designer Dagmar Marsetz

The finishing touch is always made by the carving machine. By using that, the finer contours are being accentuated and rims can be tapered. That’s how the design, in the end, is more clearly defined with all its love for detail.