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Now the last leaf has fallen from the tree and we are slowly starting to make ourselves comfortable at home and get in the mood for Christmas. Candles are lit, warm tea is brewed and the thick blankets are piled up in the bed, which we prefer not to leave on cold winter days. The Christmas tree is decorated and the tempting smell of cookies fills the air. Oh, what a contemplative Advent season… But despite all the coziness, haven’t we forgotten something?

Here you can see our Arabesk, Ice Gray and Fiffy cushions

Don‘t have a gift yet? Don’t worry, we have the perfect last-minute gift: our Bretz cushions.

Give the gift of a beautiful, unique Bretz cushion to make your loved one’s home even cozier. Whether round, square or rectangular. Buttoned, quilted or smocked. Patterned, colorful or neutral. Smooth or fluffy…. Our cushions have one thing in common – they are made by hand using the most beautiful and exclusive fabrics from Italy, Belgium and Germany.

There are never enough

Cushions surround us almost everywhere, whether in the living room, dining room or bedroom, or in our favorite café or lounge. They improve our sitting and lying comfort. They support us and give us support; or we just lean back, relax and lounging on them.. They are simply always there when we need to lean back and feel good!

The extraordinary unique pieces are handcrafted with attention to detail and tailored to individual wishes. There is not only a huge variety of covers and shapes to choose from, but also decorative details such as quilting and buttons, gathers and piping.

Give joy

Surprise your loved ones with a gift that not only brightens up the room, but also combines comfort and style. No matter what shape or color you choose, a Bretz cushion is definitely an eye-catcher and shines more beautifully in velour covers than any wrapping paper.

Add a little bow and you’re done!

Cuddly soft winter velours

Since we at Bretz are not into pulling fur over the ears of animals, we have no less soft faux fur alternatives for you, such as our Snowflake, Fiffy, Polar Bear or Arctic Fox woven fur.

Snowflake is characterized by its fluffy, plush texture and subtle sheen. It is very robust and easy to care for, so it doesn’t matter if someone spills their red wine on a party night.

Fiffi doesn’t just look like a cuddly ball of fur, Fiffi is one too. Whether large, small, rectangular, square or round, we make this very special velour in every cushion size. The only thing you have to do without if you want a Fiffi is quilting or buttons.

The most cuddly and velvety velour is probably the polar fox. It lives up to its name, shines like the winter fur of the blue fox and keeps you at least as warm. Long, cozy hours on the sofa are therefore pre-programmed.

Cuddly character cushions

Still need a last-minute Christmas present? Then simply pop into one of our flagship- or partner Stores .

If you already have a Bretz velour cushion under the Christmas tree, you can find care and cleaning tips in our Bretz care brochure.

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