Refreshing, warm, affectionate. All of these terms open the senses and have us guess on the topic of this blog. We’re going to show you the colours of the positive attitude towards life: orange and cantaloupe – and how to skilfully incorporate them into your own four walls.

Orange brings happiness to any room because of its warm and friendly effect. So looking at an orange coloured piece of furniture, or an ornament, can make us feel energized. Creative thoughts go head over heals and a big gust of joie de vivre and curiosity slowly spreads through us. Combined with a few plants, like succulents or even bigger ones, like Monstera Deliciosa, the notion of being on holidays in Italy is undeniable! Add a tropical drink and the summer feeling is perfect. Also, orange- and green tones help to generate a very lively, but also harmonic picture, so that you’ll always feel balanced and happy! The Synergy of Pantone Russet Orange and Pantone Garden Green is one of the most natural combinations for this colour world and reminds us of walking through flower meadows and a flawless sundown on a mild summer night.

The special, energetic, and freeing effect that the trend colour 2020 has on people was even known – and used – by impressionist painters, as well as by pioneers of modernism. One of the most famous among them: Vincent VanGogh. He was able to capture light and feeling with his distinctive brush stroke and vigorous colours and, by exalting the tints, created atmospheric and unique images. One could almost say that he gave the colour orange a stage in almost all of his pieces. But the colour also played a vital part in the wild 70s. Not only in furniture, but also in the fashion- and car industry did orange make a huge come-back. Here, it stood for the power of change, passion and spirituality. We link the Hippie culture to orange! That’s maybe why we feel slightly nostalgic when we think about, or see, the colour orange.



    The reason for why the colour never truly went out of style might be because orange is associated with the sacral chakra and because it radiates a very positive and emotional energy. The sacral chakra is one of seven nodal points in the human body. Every one of those has a different meaning and is in its own way responsible for the body’s energy-flow. Lying on hip height, between the solar-plexus and the base chakra, the sacral chakra is fittingly attributed to the colours yellow (solar-plexus) and red (base chakra). So our orange coloured sacral chakra lies right in the middle of these two and stands for our emotions and love of life. In Buddhism, the colour has an important meaning as well; if a Buddhist monk wears an orange coloured Kesa (that’s what the traditional clothing of Shaolin-monks is called), then he has reached the highest form of human enlightenment.


    Cantaloupe and orange are the perfect trend-colour duo in 2020. Named after the sugar melon, cantaloupe is a more calm but playful version of its jazzy cousin orange. Mixed with a dab of white, it enqueues itself among trend-colours of the past few years, like living coral and blush. And,
    with its share of yellow, it’s an even warmer tone and emits a sunny serenity. Thus, it offers a perfect base for combination possibilities with other colours like terracotta-, earth, or faint turquoise- and green tones.

    A combo of cantaloupe and turquoise- or ocean-blue is a real booster of those holiday feelings.
    Pure freshness! This mix has us dreaming of sipping cocktails at a crystal clear pool, a slight breeze of Cali heat caressing sun tanned skin. However, those who don’t want to exchange their entire interior could instead implement fun details with plaids, cushions, or by painting one wall. Honestly, we technically have enough time to renovate and redecorate these days! Because of its lightness, cantaloupe has won us over completely and proved to be a true combination talent.



    To sum up we can say that orange has always accompanied and inspired us humans. It inspired us to develop new thoughts, to surpass ourselves. Orange lets us revel and sally to new shores. It simply soothes the soul. And energies which normally would slumber under the surface, never to be seen in daylight, are being set free. So what could be better for our spirit than to leave one or two orangy accents in our home? It can be a pillow, a vase, a chair or some curtains. Let your creativity run free – orange knows no borders!

    The results is always going to be the same: a friendly, warm atmosphere in the trend-colour 2020 for your home!

    With our brightly coloured cushions and rugs, or our side-table Stealth, you can bring the trend-colour 2020 into your own home!