Balaao Corner Sofa UAli-VDAre 104

Design by Dagmar Marsetz | Pauline Junglas

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The playful lightness of organic geometries. Strong, yet with a certain lightness and joviality, Balaao invites you to cut the lines of everyday life and let the cuddly upholstery caress you. The name Balaao is borrowed from the Portuguese word for balloon and refers to the stitching of the seat and back elements, which are devoid of any hard edges thanks to the lush foam structure and are more reminiscent of colourful balloons. Balaao gives us the feeling of sensual warmth, or more precisely, of a thoroughly aesthetic and tactile softness. The folds that wrap the generous cushion at the round corners do not ask for rules or uniformity, and the widely flared backrest also breaks the right angle with deliberate obstinacy. The consistent design of the elements on all sides means that Balaao can also be placed in the middle of the room.

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