OHLINDA Dining Table N118R

Design by Jan Grad

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Custom-made tables OHLINDA and SAMURAI: Handcrafted legs made from steel, polished, covered with a shiny, polychrome golden finish; steel frame. Table top and base packed separately. Burnt oak tabletop: rustic solid oak, laminated in various layers, flamed the Japanese “Shou Sugi Ban” way; soaked in resin, fixed with a durable finish. White stone tabletop: MDF core covered by polymer concrete (made by mixing high-quality epoxy resins with quartz powders); transparent epoxy resin surface covered with a super-mat coating containing quartz powders. Crafty, irregular, stone-like look on the tabletop and its edges with individual indentations. Tabletops are only available with the original BRETZ frame.