We are back to manufacturing. But, next to our beautiful sofas, armchairs and pillows, we have also sewn masks for a good cause.

A blur of paint in times of Corona: We donated colourful masks to those who do not have the means to sew their own.

Next to our normal workshop, we have sewn around a thousand colourful, reusable cotton masks during the past month which were donated regionally as well as given to our staff. Bretz-masks are still in high demand, so we are making new ones even now! The colourful Bretz-masks were given to the Gesingen community, amongst others, where numerous people were able to get their masks at town hall. We also supported the state hospital (Aör) which is a provider of various facilities in psychiatric- psychotherapy, psychosomatic and neurological sectors, as well as in the geriatric acute care and rehabilitation. Social paediatrics and communication disturbances, surgery and inner medicine are also part of the state hospital. 28 facilities in total are spread all over Rhineland-Palantine, in Andernach, Weißenthurn, Koblenz, Chochem, Mayen, Alzey, Mainz, Bingen, Bad Kreuznach, Bad Sobernheim, Oppenheim, Meisenheim, Worms and – in the near future – also in Gensingen. Their director is Dr. Gerald Gaß who, since 2017, is also holding the presidency of the German Hospital Federation. The masks are being used in Alzey, where they are made available to nursing staff not working in a high-risk environment.

“We have been deeply rooted in Gesingen for over 125 years. We feel closely tied to our site as well as to the region. We want to contribute something small but optimistic with the initiative “Bretz-masks”, and additionally help those, who could not sew their own masks, or buy one, on such short notice. We are incredibly happy that this project was supported and implemented by our staff so quickly and that everyone so energetically took part even during our normal production time!”

    Foto: Alexander Scheider (2nd from the left) is the regional director of the state hospital, as well as commercial director of the Rheinhessen-Fachklinik in Alzey, Frank Müller (4th on the left) is the nursing staff director at the state hospital Alzey.


    Our shop employees were also given colourful Bretz-masks, so that they were able to safely advise our customers during the pandemic. After all, it is now more important than ever to have a beautiful home to stay in, and with a vivid Sofa by Bretz  comfort and aesthetics easily find their way to your living room. Why not come visit one of our stores and try out one of our Characters?