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Gifts bring joy – for the giver too

It’s that time of year again; Christmas is just around the corner. We are slowly settling down and enjoying the pre-Christmas period with mulled wine and our loved ones. But only those who have already put their presents under the tree can really relax. But don’t worry, if you’re not one of them, we have the perfect gift for you!

There are never enough…

Whether round, square or rectangular. Buttoned, quilted or smocked.
Patterned, colorful or neutral. Smooth or fluffy….
Our cushions have one thing in common – they are made by hand using the most beautiful and exclusive fabrics from Italy, Belgium and Germany.

Give joy

Giving a gift is always a loving gesture. Often the recipients are people we like and with whom we spend a lot of time. At the end of the year, a Bretz cushion is a wonderful way to appreciate these shared moments and say thank you for them. Our cushions are unique and are handmade with attention to detail. Just pop into one of our Bretz stores to choose from the most beautiful colors and shapes.

Gifts are an expression of gratitude, and gratitude makes you happy.

Cocoa Island carries our Fiffy, Polar Bear and Feather Grey cushions

Cuddly soft winter velours

Da wir bei Bretz nicht drauf stehen, den Tieren Ihr Fell über die Ohren zu ziehen, haben wir nicht weniger weiche Kunstfell Alternativen, wie zum Beispiel unser Webfell Fiffy, Eisbär oder Polarfuchs für euch parat.

Fiffi doesn’t just look like a cuddly ball of fur, Fiffi is one too. Whether large, small, rectangular, square or round, we can make this very special velour in any cushion size. The only thing you have to do without if you want a Fiffi is quilting or buttons.

Our velour polar fox is characterized among the cuddly soft velours by its special softness. It is modeled on the shiny winter fur of the blue fox. However, zippers, piping and quilting have to be omitted here. But the cuddly factor makes up for everything!

Like real polar bear fur, our fine mohair provides warmth and defies the cold. It is characterized by its soft fineness and lightness. Mohair is one of the most precious fibers in the world and impresses with its silky cuddliness.

Cuddly character cushions

Still need a last-minute Christmas present? Then simply pop into one of our Flagship- or Partner Stores .

If you already have a Bretz velour cushion under the Christmas tree, you can find care and cleaning tips in our Bretz Pflegebroschüre.

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Bretz Cushions