Spring is the time of new beginnings, when nature awakens from its winter slumber and enchants us with its blaze of colour. Once again, we are flooded with the energy that streams into the world with the first delicate buds and awakens anticipation of blooming and humming meadows. This year, it is above all the colours that captivate us and make us feel more alive than ever.

Overall, the 2024 spring trends for the home promise a harmonious mix of natural and vibrant colours that will transform our living spaces into an oasis of renewal and well-being.

Sun salutation

Yellow tones of various shades are in the spotlight and give spring a sunny note. From a soft pastel yellow to a strong sunny yellow – this colour palette is slowly but surely chasing away the cold of winter. It is as if the colours themselves are inviting us to enjoy life to the full.

Courage for colour

In addition to bright yellow, orange tones are also conquering the design world of spring 2024. From vibrant coral red to muted rust tones or terracotta, they lend our living spaces a powerful yet warm atmosphere. They remind us of the petals of the first spring flowers and the ripe fruit that will soon adorn the trees.

Out of the blue

Not forgetting the atmospheric shades of blue that give spring a certain depth and prepare us for the coming summer months. From a delicate sky blue to a deep navy blue – we remember the clear sky above us and the refreshing water that will soon be inviting us for a swim.

Going for green

Green is the colour that reminds us of fresh meadows, lush forests and the gentle rustling of leaves. It offers a space for balance and relaxation, a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And what could be better than experiencing this harmonious atmosphere every day within your own four walls?

The perfect spring combination

For us, Ohlinda in midsummer oliv, gold, gobelin and orange is the perfect spring combination. Which is your favourite combination?

There are countless ways to bring the beauty of spring into our homes. Whether we opt for fresh greens that evoke nature or vibrant yellows and oranges that capture the energy of spring, the important thing is that the colours we choose reflect our personality and create an atmosphere where we can relax and recharge.


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