Bubbles Carpet

Soap bubbles – weightless and magically shimmering, they rise silently into the sky, only to burst a few moments later. They fire our imagination and fascinate us since childhood, also or just because their beauty is so fragile and ephemeral.

» Maybe, they remind us to live in the here and now and to seize the day. «

The design

Formally, the carpet takes up the motif of soap bubbles, but deliberately avoids the attempt to depict the complex appearance in a detailed, natural way. The soap bubbles are depicted in a reduced, almost comic-like form, in which monochrome color areas meet form-giving outlines. They separate the individual bubbles from one another in the overall ensemble and combine them into a kind of stylized cloud. This gives the carpet its pictographic and clear appearance.

The materiality

Bubbles is a high-quality velour carpet made of pure Tencel yarn. The Tencel fiber provides a sensual feel and gives the design its fine shimmer. The materiality picks up the design idea of softly shimmering soap bubbles.

Color schemes

The powdery blue, in combination with luminous turquoise accents, gives the design an airy lightness that supports the design idea.

In the calm lies the power

For all those who like it simpler, the Bubbles carpet is also available in a shade of greige with ivory accents.


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