Bretz Catalog 2024

Bretz combines two essentially contrary, but fundamental desires of life: on the one hand, our creations take you on fantastic journeys full of adventure and freedom. But, on the other hand, they wrap themselves around you making you feel safe and secure.

The world of Bretz is a home for free spirits and eternal enthusiasts. Unconventional ideas and dedicated craftsmanship result in furniture designs that neither know nor set limits. Imaginative, versatile, intense down to the last piece of fabric. Those who let themselves go here will find support, boundless inspiration and perhaps an answer or two to the question: What do you really long for?

Bretz new characters 2024

The excitement is building, the anticipation is palpable – our brand new catalog for this year has finally arrived! We are proud to present our three new models, which redefine the standard for contemporary furniture design. Discover how our latest characters push the boundaries of design and make living dreams come true. The catalog is here – get inspired!


Our new catalog is waiting to be discovered by you! Immerse yourself in the world of Bretz and be inspired by the latest trends and timeless classics!

Curious? Here you will find even more inspiration on the topics of living worlds and interior!

Bretz Cushions