Balaao Chair

» Comfort and cosiness galore is guaranteed in the swivel armchair with its curvy silhouette and sophisticated upholstery.«

Round and round and round it goes…

The Balaao Chair takes up the basic design features of the sofa, but translates them into its own, consistently round design language. The result is an armchair that completes the Balaao upholstery programme, but can also stand alone as a solitaire, as well as with other furniture.

» From the idea to the design «


The Balaao Chair consists of a 3-part wooden frame. Each of the elements is upholstered individually and simply plugged together at the end. A great deal of detail and manual work was required during the designprocess.

It is precisely this formulation of the cushions and the casual folds that give Balaao the feeling of a thoroughly aesthetic and tactile softness. This is ensured by an elaborately 3D-milled foam and a thick padding under the fabric cover. Thanks to the tucks at the cross points, the cover retains its shape and all seams are held in place.

» Perfect for back, arms, soul. «

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