» Close your eyes, weightlessly float up into the clouds and take a bird’s eye view of life – this sense of pure relaxation and getting away from it all is what Esfera is all about. «

Its luxurious character does not impose itself, but rests inside like a well-kept secret: Each of the generous cushions harbours an auspicious softness which, like a whispered promise of comfort,entices you to lean back deeper, to sink in and adjust the rhythm of life to your own heartbeat.

The perfect balance between sinking in and support!

At Esfera, we wanted to create a completely new seating experience. To achieve this, our product developers worked meticulously and with great attention to the smallest detail, gradually developing an upholstery structure that elevates the concept of comfort to an art form.

Several layers of foam of different thicknesses with varying densities, carefully upholstered with a bonell and pocket spring core, give the seat cushions their volume and pointelastic comfort. In combination with the gently swinging Nosag springing in the base frame and the high-quality cushion fillings, we get the seating experience that makes Esfera unique.

» Heaven is a place on earth «

The casually upholstered seat and back cushions, which fall casually over the backrest like oversized pillows, emphasise the generous character of the sofa. The backrests are slightly flared and deliberately designed to be slightly higher so that you sit perfectly supported on the sofa right up to the upper back area. So you can let go of any tension with confidence. The additional large plaid cushions provide extra support and offer individualised support where it is needed.

Yarns make fabrics make characters

Bretz has always been known for its expressive and experimental fabrics, which we use to confidently dress our furniture. The most important thing is to know exactly which model requires which fabric. No two of our True Characters are the same. Each of them tells its own story, has its own soul, its own identity, which only comes to the foreground when the perfect cover is chosen.

Shaggy Chenille

Our Shaggy-Chenille fabric is a unique symbiosis of flat weave, chenille and velour. It consists of two different threads. An inner thread, the core, and short, fluffy yarn threads that form the pile of the fabric. These are twisted together using a special machine to create a thread in which the fluffy threads are irregularly incorporated and protrude. This chenille thread is then woven into our shaggy chenille, similar to a flat weave.

Due to the long pile, however, shaggy chenille is no ordinary chenille, but rather a type of irregular highpile velour that is reminiscent of silky, soft fur. The light reflections on the fabric, as well as its natural highlow effect, make the surface shimmer in subtle nuances and give it a lively appearance.

This fabric not only gives Esfera its elegant appearance, but also emphasizes the tactile and emotional softness of the sofa.

Like almost all our characters, this sofa system is based on the concept of versatility. The basic modules can be used to create sofas,U-shapes and and corner solutions – depending on own preferences. For those who value individuality, the seat and back cushions as well as the body itself can be covered with various fabrics and patterns from our collection, like a three-dimensional collage.

To see: Mli-S-U-Xre 102 Esfera (Set 4) BxTxH 280 x 156 x 81 cm
fabric: moonlight / grigio / lino / nuvola


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