Homestory: Moonraft meets Scandi Style

Bretz-Homestory: Visiting Elly and Philip in Frankfurt

  • ELLY (30) & Philip (34)

  • Frankfurt

  • That makes us happy

    Schlaf, Freie Sonntage, Urlaube in fernen Ländern

  • We do not like

    Inspektionslampen im Auto, Negative Mindsets, Fahrraddiebe

One of a kind, customisable, sustainable. A true statement: Moonraft.

You live in a super stylish apartment in an old building right in the middle of Frankfurt am Main, in the pulsing BHFSVRTL neighbourhood (the Bahnhofsviertel, literally the train station quarter). How would you describe your style?

In the past six years, it has changed from “industrial” to, who would’ve thought, “Scandi”. Strong colours have given way to pastel shades, bright lamps have been replaced with indirect light. Oak moved in. But I’d still rather speak of a mix of styles. The bathroom for example is still more industrial, the bedroom Japanese.

Which other brands do you like?

For example Hay, Menu or Ferm. But we also like the furnishing house Bolia.

How did you find Bretz and what do you like so much about Bretz and Moonraft?

When we were looking for a sofa, we wandered through a lot of stores, realising that 90% of the sofas there were either ugly or boring. Sofas which are shown in style magazines have lost their appeal as well (like Hay Mags for example). So we decided that we wanted something that’s one of a kind, that we can customise to our needs. A sofa that, in its form, is a statement – something truly unique. In the end, we found Bretz and Moonraft. That couch immediately fascinated us due to its seat depths and it quirky form. Bretz produces in a totally different way, and that made us want to buy there as well. It’s comparable to the Italian filter holder, which is being assembled by hand in a small production hall. All of that, the manufacture in Germany, the design and the materials were decisive in our decision to buy a sofa. And we’re still very happy with that.