» Our coffee tables complement any sofa or armchair perfectly. As supporting actors, they carry a lot of responsibility as well as nuts, glasses and magazines, and make the furniture next to them look good as the main actor. «

The design

We have decided to give our popular classic a new look and thus present another surface of the Stealth table. In contrast to the shiny appearance of its predecessors, this table now presents itself with an understated elegance. A little more matte and understated, but just as crazy for the limelight as its siblings in silver and gold leaf.

This new design not only gives the table a modern aesthetic, but also makes it an elegant replacement for the once eye-catching brass table. Stealth is now camouflaged yet striking, practical and beautiful. With corners, with edges, probably the most beautiful that a side table can have. It impresses with its matt but robust character. An iconographic element for living rooms with a special touch.

So far, the Stealth tables have shone in all their glory. Silver nuances lend the living room a cool modernity and create a sense of calm, while gold and brass tones radiate like warm sunlight and take us back to relaxing summer days. The metallic highlights add glamor without appearing kitschy.

» The detail makes the design «

Overall, the new Stealth table with its matt surface shows that change often lies in the detail. With brass particles added, it gives the already sculptural appearance its fine touch and mysterious depth. But our new Stealth variation doesn’t just look good, it is also extremely robust. The surface is sealed with a super matt lacquer that prevents moisture from penetrating, makes it largely scratch-resistant and prevents fingerprints from showing. A real table to live on!

The new surface has a fine, seamless texture and reflects the shape of the diamond in all its facets. The new look of Stealth also includes the three variants: large round, small round and oval.


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