Moonraft provides a seating sensation between gravity and weightlessness. The sofa becomes a place of security and relaxation. Simply leave the noisy world behind for a moment and dive into your thoughts, into your own personal world. Everyone needs a place of retreat where they can be with themselves. But what if the dimensions of our Moonraft models exceed your living room? Not everyone has room for an XXL Bretz sofa. We have a solution: Moonraft in the new seat depths!

At Bretz, we not only stand for unique comfort and innovative design, we also place great emphasis on modularity. This is also the case with Moonraft. The addition of the new seat depth of 66 cm means that our character with its exceptional seating comfort now also fits into smaller living rooms. Whether as a single sofa or as a sofa seating group, Moonraft offers a variety of possibilities. A combination of large and small seat depths is also possible. This means that Moonraft can now be used not only as a sofa in the living room, but also as an oasis of relaxation for offices, foyers or completely individual needs. The new seat depths can be used anywhere!


    The upholstery concept is inspired by the spacesuit that maintains constant air pressure in space. Only a bold new development can create this illusion: In elaborate manual work, the upholstery fabric is sewn into chambers and in turn inlets are embedded in them. A filling of upholstery material is then distributed evenly over the compartments of the inlets.


    For more information on this unique Bretz character, penned by our designer Dagmar Marsetz, simply drop by one of our Bretz stores and let us advise you!