Take a walk on the wild side

Inspired by nature itself, which seemingly effortlessly paints intricate patterns on the animals’ fur, the Safari rug takes up this aesthetic in an abstract form. The graphite-colored irregular rays on an ivory-colored background lend the rug a casual beauty and the adventurous aura of the African wilderness.

It´s a shaggy kind of thing you just can´t resist

The term “shaggy” carpet comes from the English and means something like “shaggy” or “shaggy”. And this describes the safari rug perfectly: the long pile that falls casually, the natural colors and the lush material density immediately evoke associations with long-haired fur.

However, the rug is not shaggy in the conventional sense, but on the contrary, incredibly soft! So soft that you can’t resist the urge to bury your bare toes in it or snuggle up lengthways on it and just lie there.

A safari through the suppleness

The Safari rug is largely made of Tencel and banana silk. This gives it its irresistible softness and silky sheen. These yarns made from natural fibers are not only sustainable in their production process, they also have other positive properties. Just like silk or viscose they have a natural, fine sheen, fall loosely and lightly due to their low weight and, in contrast to viscose or even silk, are significantly more durable. A minimal proportion of polyester fibers also gives the carpet stability from underneath.

Hand tufting – precise textile art

The Safari rug is hand-tufted in a small manufactory near Delhi by hand. The graphic is used as a template and is drawn onto the first backing in the desired size and then tufted out. First the “stripes” are tufted in graphite gray. Only then follows the ivory-colored banana silk background, which is also interspersed with graphite-colored yarns. Later, the backing material is cut all the way around and the carpet is backed with a second backing (latex).

With its high pile, softly draping fibres and precisely coordinated yarns and colors, the Safari rug creates a warm and cosy feeling in the room. Whether round with an asymmetrical ray motif or rectangular with irregular stripes.


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