The Bohème Vintage Velvets have a silky gleam to them as they snuggle up to our upholstered furnitures. Right now they adorn our models La Collina, Matilda and the bed Creole. But what exactly makes these fabrics so charming?


Our Bohème Vintage Velvets are pure rayon velours. But what does that mean exactly? Rayon is a kind of natural fibre which is extracted from plants, like for example bamboo, and is then chemically turned into a yarn. It’s also known as artificial silk and is quite popular in the fashion industry. The reason for that, as the nickname predicts, is that rayon shares a lot of positives traits with silk while being a lot more robust. Which is why fabrics made out of rayon convince with a silky gleam and a velvety feel.

They are also breathable and thus perfect to use as a high-end furniture cover. Meaning that they feel pleasantly cool on the skin, so that we sweat less in summer. Rayon is capable of taking in moisture and reacts in combination with body pressure and alters the nap of the fabric.

A sofa with a cover made out of natural fibres develops its very own patina as times goes on. But to us, that just makes your Bretz furniture even more interesting. Because the fabric shimmers in a completely new and charming way, due to the newly created irregularities.

La Collina in the Bohème Vintage Velvet honey


The name “Bohème Vintage Velvet” says a lot about the character of this particular velour: The French term “Bohème” describes people with artistic ambitions, which move outside the norms of the bourgeoisie and their stereotypical expectations.

Which is why we find it totally understandable that the Bohème Vintage Velvet creates its own patina, changes and then mirrors its room-mates favourite places. All of that is part of the vintage charm and automatically lets us think of the Paris of a bygone era. A Paris in which artists and bohemians strolled through the streets of Montmartre and dreamt of a better world over red wine and cigarettes.

Matilda with our Bohème Vintage Velvet oliv in the seating area – the Bohème Velvets can easily be combined with our other velours.


When it came to Creole, we wanted to recreate the term “bed” in a completely new and unconventional way. Due to the panels which are formed like arches, and their individual arrangement and colours, Creole is more than simply a bed. It turns itself into an ornament in the room. So it’s only logical that Creole and Bohème Vintage Velvet found each other. There are very few other furniture which look so good in this cover: By means of using a centred indentation in the panels, the Velour shows off Creoles soft curves and gives it a new, more subtle volume.


You can choose your favourite Bohème Vintage Velvet from 59 shades. From off white to anthracite, from pink to a deep red. Because of that colour variety, the Bohème Vintage Velvet can be perfectly combined with each other, but also fit with our patterned fabrics like Gobelin or Arabesk. From Colour Blocking in strong complementary colours to softer colour grading- whatever the heart wants, the right shade will definitely be there.


    Did you fall in love with one of our furniture but still need some advice? One of our Bohème Vintage Velvets would look awesome as a cushion on your sofa? Make an appointment for a personal appointment in one of our Bretz Stores!

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