Today we’re going to tell you everything about our favourite flower-child Gobelin – the fabric of which dreams are made off. It’s the embodied yearning for summer, wildflower meadows, nature and those never ending summer nights.

Mother-nature is wearing her golden dress woven out of June’s sun. The fruit trees and wildflowers are blooming and finally, finally summer is here! When we think of summer, we also think of Gobelin-velour. With all its floral patterns and splendid colours, our all time favourite reflects the summer months perfectly.


But what is Gobelin-velour all about? In our first blog post of the series “Velour mon Amour” we already talked about its benefits and showed you how beautiful an effect it has with other velour fabrics for example on our Ohlinda Sofa. Today we’re going to give you a glimpse into the making of Gobelin-velour.

Together with the company Rohleder we ventured into the experiment called Gobelin. Its base is a Jacquard-Velour which gets its vividness from a digital printing process. Our focus lay very much on the choice of the colours while developing the velour. We tried and retried, stopped and started again until we found the perfect combination of green, yellow, red, purple, and a few more impossible colour combinations in-between! That’s what makes the Gobelin-velour so vivacious and special: vibrant power of the colours, the luminous gleam in combination with silver threads and clear grey, as well as toned nuances of more loud colours. If you look really close, you can see the depth and attention to detail of this artwork!


Far away from the hectic life of the big city, in the Upper Franconian town of Konradsreuth, there lies one of the leading and most modern companies for furniture fabrics in Europe – Hitex®-Manufaktur Rohleder. Owner Klaus Rohleder and manager Hans Schüssel are leading the company, which was founded in 1946, in its second generation. Over 195 employees are enthusiastically setting new standards and trends in quality, creativity and service. The fabrics that we produce, belong to the finest in the sector and stand, worldwide, for the highest quality. Rohleder-Fabrics are to be found in collections of every notable editors and fabric publishers in Europe, the United States, as well as in the Middle- and Far-East. Fabrics “made in Germany” from a family owned company steeped in tradition is what makes up the winning formula of Hitex®-Manufaktur Rohleder.


Gobelin is a Jacquard-Velour; but what is so special about that? How is it weaved? And which benefits are to be gained from that precise weave?

In general, Jacquard-Velour is woven out of face to face velvet, the special feature of this velour is, in particular, its high yarn count and density. Our velour is weaved out of a super fine, endless viscose yarn, from which its gets its silk-like sheen and its wonderfully soft feel.

Special benefits of our weave: the integration of the polyester as a w-nub, that’s how an extremely high durability and robustness is reached, even though the textile itself has a light and gleaming look.

It’s not a full polyester velour, which means it has high, as well as low zones (flat woven zones and velour zines); the zones with rayon polyester are printed with colour in a second step. After that, our velour is being colour sealed, washed and then refined in separate finishing steps.

After a final check, our velours makes its way to Bretz, in order to adorn the True Characters eye-catchers.



Because our Gobelin-velour holds so many wonderful colours, it can be combined with almost everyone of our vivid velour fabrics. It’s a real eye-catcher especially with the bicolour-velour and most of all with midsummer oliv.

As special as our Gobelin is, it does have one thing in common with all the other velour fabrics: the distinctive look as well as the Bretz typical, super soft feel

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