Come on, dive into the fresh colour world of Bretz: Today we’ll be showing you our fabrics, which are as beautiful and deep as the ocean!

Weightlessly floating in the water, the waves are gently raising you up and cradle you softly in their cool arms. The sun is warming your face from above, but you’re diving down. Sinking into this chilly world, the water immerses you fully and you’re just fascinated by all the nuances of blue and the light reflections all around you. The water changes from light to dark the deeper you go, from warm to cold. From what you know to all the unknowns you cannot wait to explore. It’s like your own personal kingdom! Everything is quiet and everything is… blue!

The ocean isn’t the only place that can give you the feeling of being completely weightless and cooled down. Today we’re taking you with us and show you that our silky velvet Gentian blue, our deep-pile rayon velour Capri Blue as well as our thick deep-pile velour Lagoon Blue, and our deep-pile shadow and shimmer velour Caribbean-Shimmer can be a jump “into the blue”, too. Their unique colour intensity is at first glance striking and they snuggle up to your body with their soft feel and carry you – like the ocean – on velvety cool hands! So, let’s dive into the blue.


Fabric group 64: 649822

Welcome to Capri. Dive in head first into the capri-blue ocean, into the cool waters to forget, just for a brief moment the world around you.
Our deep-pile rayon velour in the colour Capri-Blue doesn’t just feel like a holiday, it looks like it too! Due to its deep-pile, exciting play of colours happen depending on how the light hits the fabric. From bright silver to cloudy shadows. The super soft, capri-blue high-pile velour shows itself in its whole splendour.

Pile: 100 % Rayon

Our high-pile rayon velour capri-blue is made out if pure natural fibre (100% rayon). That’s the reason why this velour has this incredibly soft feel to it. It is also very breathable, which is why it feels cool to the touch even in summer. But, despite all its positive features, one has to be aware, before buying a rayon velour covered sofa that the fabric is pretty delicate and high-maintenance. However, it is still wonderfully precious; if cared for properly, the seat mirror (which forms after a certain time of sitting in your favourite spot) can be minimised. Certain areas may be dabbed carefully with a damp, clean microfibre cloth, then dried with a hair dryer set on average and the pile can then be “stroked-up” by the use of a clothes brush.


from left to right: Capriblau, Elefant, Panther


Fabric group 65: 659632

The blue-green waters of the lagoon are calm this morning. It is silent and peaceful. Silver light reflections are dancing on the soft ripples. We take a deep breath, in and out, and try to distinguish where the ocean ends and the pale blue sky begins.
Our thick high-pile velour Lagoon Blue brings this feeling straight to your living room. Its cloudy hues and powdery sheen show, depending on how the light hits, blues and greens and silvers dancing on its surface.

Pile: 100 % Polyester

Due to the height of its pile, Lagoon Blue is unbelievably soft to touch – super velvety! The kicker: it feels like a rayon velour, but is made of a 100% polyester and thus an easy care cover, because polyester fibres are virtually resistant against all fluids and dirt. The only thing you need is a slightly damp microfibre cloth to softly dab whichever spot is affected. However, the thing Lagoon Blue will never forgive are colour intensive fluids like red wine for example- because these manage to damage the velour despite its high dirt resistance.


from left to right: Lagoon Blue, Oyster, Marigold, Feather Grey, Platin


Fabric group 61: 619426

This is where the magic happens. Our glossy velvet in gentian blue reminds us of the deep sea. The place where the ground is basically invisible to the human eye and where fascinating and magical underwater worlds are presenting themselves. Lush blues combined with a strong gleam gives our velour in gentian blue the characteristics of the sea. Contrasts of silver sheen and deep blue remind of waves and the mirroring surface of the water. They are exciting highlights which make our gentian blue velour so special. Like a jump into the blue!

Flor: 100 % Polyester

The polyester fibres of our shiny velvet velours are especially easy to care for. Because dirt doesn’t stick to synthetic fibres anyway, it is normally super easy to remove. However, caution is the name of the game where heat is concerned. Heat and warmth can change the structure of synthetic fibres and thus dim the gleam of the velour – in the worst case it can even melt the fibre. It’s important with polyester velours to keep a certain humidity in a room (for example through a humidifier or by simply airing a room on a regular basis), because otherwise dust and fuzz stick to the polyester due to the antistatic pull of the fabric. Should there be some after all, simply use a slightly damp microfibre cloth and an antistatic brush.


from left to right: Tomato, Brombeere, Enzianblau, Smaragdgrün, Kiwi, Cayenne, Silver Nugget, Anthrazit, Austernpilz


Fabric group 66: 662020

“Like and endless stream. You Take me in. To a place that I’ve never been.”
It might be one of the most beautiful ways to find ones own centre. Somewhere out there on the ocean, where yearning for freedom is so small, because the horizon doesn’t know boundaries. The ocean breeze surrounds you and the view into a blue that’s almost black fills you with deep contentment. Freedom for your thoughts. Our high-pile shadow shimmer velour Caribbean-shimmer
quenches the wanderlust that might take you all the way to the sea, at least for a little while. With all its striking shades and shimmers, it presents us with new nuances of blue and stages every piece of furniture in the best light.

Pile: 60 % Rayon, 40 % Poly-acrylic

Typical characteristics of our Caribbean-shimmer velour is the pile height for one (it is one of our thicker velours) and the very special gleam and the eye-catching shading as another. It has these traits because of how it is put together (60% rayon, 40% poly-acrylic). It is noticeable here that threads of two different colours and materials are interwoven. The poly-acrylic fibre is responsible for awesome glossy effects and gives the rayon fibre stability. The rayon on the other hand gives Caribbean-shimmer its soft feel and breathability. The combination of rayon and poly-acrylic also has the benefit of Caribbean-shimmer being super easy to clean and, due to its “double-colour”, smaller stains aren’t even that visible.


from left to right: Caribicschimmer, Silberschimmer


Into the Blue with our Summer-breeze Characters: That’s what the marvellous fabrics look like on our furniture:

    Carpet: Viscose Solid in Aquamarin

    Armchair: Cocoa Island Armchair in Enzianblau and Arabesk Türkis

    Sofa: Cloud 7 in Lagoon Blue

    Armchair: Hangout Chair with stool in Caribicschimmer

    Bretz Cushions