Brown tones often have to assert themselves against prejudices; they are boring, dreary, gloomy or even old-fashioned. But we at Bretz can definitely not confirm this! Brown & beige can be very versatile and accordingly combined with many other tones! We show how and which velours accompany us through the cold season.

In color theory, the colors brown and beige are attributed attributes such as soothing, natural, warm and homely. They give us the feeling of security, well-being and down-to-earthness. This is probably also the reason why these colors are considered timeless and appear again and again in different color gradations as a trend.

Bretz models in trend colors brown & beige

Let´s take a closer look at the color brown…

To find the perfect combination, let’s take a closer look at the undertones of the color brown, which is created from all the primary colors of the color wheel. These are yellow, blue & red.

Theoretically, brown would be in the middle of the color wheel. If you add more yellow and red to brown, it appears warmer. Good examples here are honey brown, coffee brown or chestnut brown. If the brown contains more blue, it appears cooler and usually has a bluish-olive-green undertone or goes into rosé, as well as taupe or greige.

White or black can also be mixed in; this results in lighter and darker shades. In this way, we can also see that beige tones are actually nothing more than a lighter brown. 

This results in a small color circle of its own for brown, which can be used as a good guide for further combinations.

Monochrome Chic – Brown & Brown

Combining these tone-on-tone shades with each other is quite easy and looks particularly harmonious and inviting. Brown tones go wonderfully with fine woods and warm metal surfaces such as gold, copper and brass and let us revel in retro style. 
The best thing is, the more we move in the same tone, the more exciting a mix of materials can be brought in.

Simply Beige

The gradation beige looks very elegant and discreet in combination with light and medium gray. Due to its neutrality can be used almost indefinitely.

Ein Jaquard-Velours-Webstuhl im Einsatz
Ein Jaquard-Velours-Webstuhl im Einsatz

Mathilda in the covers Frappe, Moondust & Arabesk Greige, with Boa Greige

To create the necessary color tension in the room, beige should always be combined with other colors to create contrasts

So while brown tends to need a light area tone to balance it out so as not to appear oppressive, beige is perfect as a base tone for larger areas. With strong colors such as red, orange, blue, green and violet, this can then be accentuated in an exciting way
Ein Jaquard-Velours-Webstuhl im Einsatz

Set color accents: Edgy in the covers Twilight, Grey Drops, with terracotta.

Beige offers a perfect stage in this picture, so that nuances such as terracotta tones come to the fore in an exciting way. Through a delicate green, the color effect is natural and creates a natural atmosphere.

Natural Green

Where there is brown, there is also green. In our environment we find this combination every day; nature is bursting with greens and browns. There is also a variety of gradations such as: trendy mint green or rich emerald green, which can be seen super in conjunction with wood accessories or surfaces and so radiates a certain naturalness. So with this color palette you can really let off steam and get creative.

Ein Jaquard-Velours-Webstuhl im Einsatz

With us, every trend can come around the corner, we have the right velour for every taste and lifestyle

We love not only colors, but also patterns, so we develop magical sensual designs, which are then further developed with the fabric manufacturers, until finally our velour is created. For example, our intricate Jaquard velours, where the base fabric is visibly patterned as a flat weave. The motifs are surrounded by velour. The result: unique, individual fabrics developed exclusively for us, such as Arabesk or Boa Greige. So we can present you every year a top current collection of over 100 unique upholstery fabrics.

All about velours…

A detailed consultation about the right model, as well as the appropriate velours you get in each of our flagship- or partner stores.

If you are already a proud Bretz Velours lover and owner, you can find care and cleaning tips in our Bretz care booklet.

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