On the day our Cloud 7 range was created, not only a new sofa, but a philosophy, too, came into being.  A Bretz classic was born.  The unconventional layout and premium, artisan-quality cassette stitching give our Cloud 7 its unique appearance and make it a true Bretz space-age character.  Over time, the design has inspired the Cloud 7 range which continues to thrill Bretz fans and customers alike.  See for yourself:

»Probably the most comfortable sofa in the world.«


Cloud 7 Sofa

This Bretz classic never fails to impress with its unique, premium artisan-quality cassette stitching and unconventional layout.

Cloud 7 Beistelltisch

Cloud 7 Coffee Table:  unique in its design.  The enclosed mirror is an eye-catching feature in any living room.

Cloud 7 Hangout Chair

Cloud 7 Hangout Chair, dual comfort.  The comfortable chair with matching footstool looks perfect in the living-room, of course.  But how about in the office or study?  Wherever, it’s a real haven of relaxation.

Cloud 7 Liege

The Cloud 7 Chaise Longue is the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys some downtime.  Depending on your choice of fabric, it fits beautifully into any room.


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