Today, we want to show you Matilda in her new clothes – Paradise, Kelly Green and Sea Breeze. Let us whisk you away to a magical, dream-inspiring underwater world.

Matilda, one of our classics.  She’s dreamy in design and softly-upholstered to the highest Bretz standards.  Matilda has regularly enjoyed a change of clothes over the years, and this year is no exception.


Paradise, Kelly Green and Sea Breeze, the new fabrics in the 2022 Bretz Collection, transform Matilda from a peacock into an underwater world, and create the perfect mood to laze and dream.

Matilda demonstrates, once again, how versatile, adaptable and individual a Bretz sofa can be.  The cushion-like backrests, as well as the unconventionally-shaped seating area, can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice.  Our fabric collection grows year on year, meaning you can order extra covers for your backrests and recreate Matilda in your preferred style.


FABRIC GROUP 68: 685135

Our new, digitally-printed Velours de Gene, „Paradise“,  resembles the hidden depths of the ocean.  With its interplay of blue, turquoise and green tones, it mirrors the underwater flora and fauna of a deep-sea dive, and the wonderful silvery sheen of the pile reflects the breaking ocean waves.  Discover time and again a new play of light as the sun’s rays move across Paradise’s enchanting colour scheme.


FABRIC GROUP 67: 674732

Our sumptuous new Velours de Gene, „Sea Breeze“, just like „Paradise“, carries you away to the depths of the underwater world.  Its fascinating structure is reminiscent of a mossy stone lying on the sea bed, its sheen ever-changing with the movement of the sun.  This colourful velours, too, invites you to dreamily float away.


FABRIC GROUP 66: 669533

The two-tone velours „Kelly Green“ adds a bright, new look to the Bretz Collection.  The exceptional, fresh, two-toned green shade complements our range perfectly.  Not only does our Matilda feel happy in it, it really suits our new Cassia Lounge Chair, too.


You’re interested, and you’d like to see Matilda in her new clothes in real-life?  Or, maybe you already have Matilda at home and would like to order some extra backrest covers?  Then drop in at one of our stores and try her out for comfort.