Unalterable like a million year old fossil, dynamic like Neptune grass in the current – Nanami tells the story of underwater worlds, where fortitude and movement depend on each other. That time and evolution go hand in hand is mirrored in the organic shape of the collection, which goes without any edges and corners.


Inspired by organic shapes and structures from the fascinating world that lies beneath the surface of the sea. Nanami itself appears like an element of the deep sea created by the tides themselves. The complete absence of hard edges and straight lines give the design a natural shape that seems like it grew out of itself. Natural surface textures, like those of corals, mussels or snail shells gave the impulse to accept the technical challenge to develop the extraordinary look of the backrest. The basic organic shape is defined by a dynamic curve that can be combined asymmetrically and symmetrically.


  • Organic form language intuitively harmonizes with the human body
  • The playful fall of folds on the backrest is the result of extraordinary upholstery craft. Every fold is individually creased and formed by the upholsterer
  • High quality upholstery foam
  • 2 module elements form smaller, larger, symmetrical or asymmetrical sofas with seating depths from 65 – 100 cm.
  • As a free standing sofa or corner solution suitable for every room

»Like a reef or an atoll, Nanami extends generously in space and impressed through its organic shape.«


The distinctive design feature of Nanami is the organically curved shape, as well as the deliberately contrary formulation of the seat and back. While the seat is covered smoothly and thus reminiscent of a stone washed round, the backrest, with its innumerable hand-laid folds, shows a deliberately contrasting structure that catches the eye with its richness of detail. The materiality of the bicolor velour unfolds perfectly through the folds and the resulting ends of the pile curvature. At the end of the backrest, the rhythm of the wave is interrupted by a smooth, stretched surface. That gives the design a geometric component. The rounded body is supported by the clearly defined undercut raised towards the floor, which makes the body appear lighter overall.

Thematically matching the new collection, four bicolor velours were developed. Two colored yarns that harmonize with each other are interwoven here and give the two-tone velvets their distinctive shimmer and an almost magical aura. With their changing colourfulness the velvets underline the image of the underwater world and are reminiscent of the colorful gardens of unexplored coral reefs.

»The round and curved elements of the sofa, harmonize intuitively with the human body and mind. They convey a secure and cozy atmosphere.«

– Design, Dagmar Marsetz


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