Velour mon Amour – Sunrise vibes Stripes

Stripes make you look fat! – Not at Bretz! Today we’ll be introducing you to our stripy fabrics, give advice on how best to combine them and which of our models feel most comfortable in them – so you can bring your own Sunrise Vibes in Stripes home with you.

Is there anything more beautiful than a sunrise in the wee hours? Nature is waking up, soft blues and reds are painting a magical world into existence. A flash of energy goes through the body. A longing to start the new day overcomes us. Some use this hour to begin their day with a workout, others mediate, or simply want to enjoy their coffee. But they have one thing in common: they all gather strength for the upcoming day.

It’s a little bit like magic: Our stripy velour fabrics have the same calming effect on us as silver linings on the horizon at morning.


Fabric group 66

From left to right: Stripes Narrow Turquoise-Red-Violet, Stripes Narrow Orange-Green-Pink, Stripes Wide Turquoise-Red-Violet, Stripes Wide Orange-Green-Pink


We dared to compile the stripy fabrics together with out exclusive Italian textile merchant. The biggest challenge was to create a fabric which would convince in its ratio of earthy and sandy tones, but also in Bretz typical accent colours like turquoise, pink, green or shades of red. The result are our Velour de Gène “Stripes” in narrow or wide. The trait of the velour results from two factors: weave and composition. The velours are made of 59% rayon and 41% polyester (narrow Stripes) and 56% rayon and 44% polyester (wide Stripes). It is a Jacquard fabric, similar to our Gobelin. The flat woven fabric of our Velour de Gène “Stripes” is mostly made of rayon, which makes the velour especially robust. The synthetic fibres also ad a chic gleam to it, which reminds of silver linings in an early morning sky. The rayon threads are the base of the velour. They are responsible for the Bretz typical super soft feel.

    This combination of material and colour results in a brilliant velour which immediately reminds us of Sunrise Vibes.


    Due to the combination of soft earth and sand tones and the accent colours turquoise and pink, the velour de Gène Stripes is a perfect outfit for our True Character Drop City. It has its name from the first hippie commune in the sunny California of the 60s. It was widely known for its unconventional members, the “Droppers” who were able to realise their dream of freedom by living there. Drop City- A living piece of art free of strict conventions far away from the mainstream. An oasis for self-expression. Large, awesomely crumpled, extremely soft cushion-like seating and back elements, which can be combined however, like a collage made by the sofa’s owner. That’s thanks to the free standing connectors – you’re moving? No problem if you then want to put your sofa in a different room that’s maybe smaller. Or if you want to turn it from a normal sofa to a loungy isle. Drop City gives you the freedom to do all of that. At home and whenever you want!

    You would like a refuge from the stress of daily life? One, where you can reminisce about the early morning hours that you love so much? No problem, simply make an appointment for a trial seating in a Bretz shop near you so that you can bring the Sunrise Vibes home with you.

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