Velours mon Amour – Happy Velvets

Discover the world of Bretz Happy Velvets. Colourful, bretz typical velour combinations and a ton of cheerfulness are waiting for you!

»Don’t worry, be happy!«

We took Bob Marley’s life motto to heart in order to introduce our Happy Velvets to you. A world full of colour, emotion and gaiety! But, what even makes our Happy Velvets so special? Easy: it’s their vigorous colours which delight us from the first glance and which lets a smile spread on our faces. What each of the five colours mean, and why they automatically make people happy and why they should definitely find space in your living rooms is the content of this blog!

Above: Cassia Chair in the Happy Velvets Pink, Dark Cyan, Terra Cotta, Gold Green, Powder Grey (from left to right)


Fabric group 64: 641916

Positive impulses spread through the air as soon as the Happy Velvet Pink graces a room with its presence. Pink is a lively, impulsive colour which, at the same time, resonates stability. It’s almost like love at first sight: overwhelming and riveting. One can simply not look somewhere else and there’s this feeling of being invincible as long as that one person is by one’s side. Our Happy Velvet takes up a room like that, everyone simply has to look at it. Those who like strong accents in their living room should definitely not pass up on our Happy Velvet Pink.


Fabric group 64: 641934

Cyan as a hybrid of blue and green combines the feeling of security, yearning and beauty. A magnificent colour like that used to be at home in the royal houses of Europe, and even now its occurrence in world religions has a special, spiritual meaning. Our Happy Velvet Dark Cyan has this majestic flair. Particularly the wishfulnes to be close to the sea (more on that here), is reflected in our Dark Cyan Velour. The waves of the South Pacific break on the coast of Hawaii and are suddenly reflected in thousand shades of turquoise. The ocean breeze tastes of salt and you know: this moment is yours alone. Our Happy Velvet Dark Cyan radiates a feeling of utter contentment and relaxation. It has the power to bring you back from the curb of daily strains to the coasts of the South Pacific, so that all your worries and problems just vanish like magic.


Fabric group 64: 641968

Our Happy Velvet Terra Cotta, a beautiful red-orange earth tone, symbolises optimism and is a true mood booster which transmits poise. The colour orange has a notable meaning in Buddhism where it stands for mental insight. Those who do not have time to wake up each morning with the sun in order to get that dose of energy, self confidence and happiness (more about that special feeling can be found here) can simply choose Terra Cotta coloured accents for their home. A small splash of that colour stirs so much in us, for example new thoughts or simply the want to grow and be better. Our Terra Cotta Velour lets us revel and mentally conquer new frontiers. With just one look, energies which usually are asleep insight of us, are being generated. You like orange as much as we do? Our blog entry about the trend colour 2020 tells you more about it.


Fabric group 64: 641978

A perfect combination of green and golden yellow; that’s our Happy Velvet Gold Green. It brings cheerfulness, warmth, and creative impulse into a room. The colour yellow-gold stands for the sun – and what is better than the first rays of sunshine in spring? The warmness of the sun in May fills our whole body, awakens the lust for life from hibernation and gives us new strength and motivation to simply do the things that need doing. This powerful feeling awakens the creativity that lets us handle things with ease – you simply can’t wait to work in the garden, paint the living room, or to buy new accessories for your home. A boost of motivation that has such an enlivened effect can be brought to your home with the Happy Velvet Gold Green. Motivation and warmth for every day, with one look.


Fabric group 64: 641984

The Happy Velvet Powder Grey is a shade of grey with a touch of blue. That blueness gives the velour a less mundane vibe. Compared to other grey coloured velours, Powder Grey is everything but boring or reserved. The slight blue undertone gives the velour a very precious and chic touch. Because of its delicate silver gleam, dependent on incidence of lights, the velour does remind of the facade of a sky scraper. Tinted glass and metal melted together into a visual entity in order to build a breathtaking picture. This look is mirrored in out Powder Grey. A velour that fits perfectly into your interior design plans and thus finds a space in your home.

Pretty in every form and most of all: happy!

You can transform your home into an even happier place with an accent of colour à la Happy Velvet. Either as a Drop City Armchair in pink, a croissant chair in Dark Cyan, Moonraft couch in Powder Grey, as a throw pillow in Terra Cotta or even as a dining room chair in Gold Green: the Happy Velvets spread a good mood in all of their shapes and forms!

Be inspired by the blaze of colours:

    Come 2021 we’ll be extending our Happy Velvets with two new colours, stay tuned!

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