Velours mon Amour – Holiday feeling with our Velours de Gène

Today in Velour mon Amour: Holiday atmosphere with our exquisite Velours de Gène Arabesque – and Boa turquoise. Come with us on a dream travel through the paradise that is the South Pacific and get inspired by how you may bring exotic flair and vacay-mood into your home despite a possible stay-cation.

Summer break is finally here! Temperatures are rising and lady sun shows what she’s got. However, our holiday plans this year were turned up side down and a lot of us decided to go on vacations at home. ‘Cause that’s nice sometimes, too. What’s also nice is to dream yourself away to far of places. We for example dream of beautiful beaches, white sand, crystal clear waters and palm trees. . . while our neighbour is mowing his lawn. Again. Anyway, eyes closed, deep breath – let’s go!

Our feet are resting in clear water, a lazy breeze plays with our hair and the salt on our skin makes us itch to dive into the waves. Can you feel it? The ocean glitters in the golden sheen of the sun, it twirls and shows us all its greens and turquoise nuances, coaxing us like a siren. A tortoise with its olive coloured shell is swimming by, shining through the surface, and the only thing we can do is marvel at so much beauty. This feeling, the fascinating play of colours and this exotic ‘je ne sais quois’ are combined in our gorgeous Velours de Gène Arabesque – and Boa turquoise.

Here you can see the velour composition Boa Turquoise, Arabesque Turquoise & Gentian blue on our Character Napali.


Fabric group 67: 673932

Simply immerse yourself and be weightless. We explore the fascinating underwater world with all its exciting shades of greens and glossiness. Depending on how the light hits, these secret depths shimmer gold-green, grass-green or olive while the sunlight draws thousands of little golden flecks and lets us wonder if there isn’t a mermaid hiding somewhere. Our magnificent Velours de Géne Boa is inspired by all of this, it mirrors the magical and exotic mood of the South Pacific and thus brings a feeling of the South Sea into your home.

Pile: 50% Polyester, 48% Rayon, 2% Cotton

Our Boa Turquoise is perfectly suitable as a seat upholstery due to the combination of polyester, rayon and cotton. The robust polyester base is dirt resistant, easy-care and thus turns the marvellous Velours de Gène Boa into a true eye-catcher on your seat padding.


Fabric group 67: 673832

The superb Velours de Gène Arabesque carries you off to the adventurous depths of the jungle. Discover the mysteries of the rainforest on the Napali Coast and feel the freedom of this place. The floral pattern of our Arabesque Turquoise gleams in every imaginable nuance of green and reminds of rainforests during wet season due to its brilliant gleam. The velour almost entwines the upholstery and forms a perfect symbiosis with Boa Turquoise – it combines the rainforest and the sea.

Pile: 54% Polyester, 44% Rayon 2% Cotton

Similar to Boa Turquoise, Arabesque Turquoise is also dirt resistant and super low maintenance. An additional feature is its low density on the robust polyester ground. This gives the advantage of the pile providing less of a problem zone, which means that even after years of sitting on it, the velour will lose almost no gauze fibres.


Velours de Gène are high end jacquard woven style velours. Exactly like our Gobelin Velour, Arabesque and Boa Turquoise are jacquard velours with a robust base and a pile mixed with natural fibres. A special attribute of the Velours de Gène is its unique play of light. Because of its minimal slant position of the pile, unbelievable gloss and light effects are possible depending on how the light hits the fabric.


You can easily copy the Napali style for your home with a pillow in Boa Turquoise. Or, if you like more striking highlights, how about the dining table Ohilnda in arabesque turquoise? Still don’t have enough? Then come have a look at and find more items that inspire you to get a feel of the exotic for your home to make the next stay-cation an absolute success.

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