Autumn is here: warm earth tones, soft fabrics and three dimensional materials are moving in

When summer is leaving and autumn is taking over in all its colourfulness, we feel the urge to take some of those last rays of sunshine home with us, warm earthly colours help with that…

The answer to the question of interior design this autumn is: motley! Warm earth tones are moving in! And with that, it’s super interesting to not just look at interior trends, but also at what the runways have to offer. Interior decoration as well as fashion and music are constantly inspiring each other. In fact, they are so closely knit together that one can see trends for each coming season in advance. For example, orange was a domineering colour in summer – and it’s now looking for autumn allies.

Interior autumn trend – from the runway into your home

The runways of the fashion world have already announced what interior designs are coming. What’s trendy this autumn: bright orange (seen with Dion Lee or Michael Korst), grandiose claret (Stella McCartney) and flashy reds (either as a stand-alone statement outfit, or combined with some soft camel- or caramel shades).

And, these colour trends are now arriving in the interior – however in a slightly more reserved way. Rich colours, soft haptic materials, as well as extravagant structures and patterns mark this year’s autumn trend. If these are combined well, then they build a harmonious symbiosis that will turn your home into a refuge of cosiness.

    1. Sofa Moonraft in the bicolour cover Deep Purple, 2. Stealth side table in brass patinized, 3. Jubilee armchair Johann (limited Edition) in Op Art Cover Diamond Copper, 4. Swivel chair Croissant in the trend cover Terracotta, 5. Angora high-pile carpet taupe.

These colour combinations are our interior autumn trend:

Four colours that have not only a soothing impact on us, but seem also harmonious and warm – so perfect for once it gets really uncomfortable outside and we only want to hide inside. It doesn’t matter if you want them as wall paint, curtains or pillow cases. Warm earth tones in combination with berry tones and clouded olive are able to blur the lines between inside and outside. Also, we can get even more of a natural feeling into our four walls if we pair the trend colours with (a ton) of plants like for example violin fig, monstera and calathea, as well as elements made out of wood.

Overall, we love the mixture of different materials this autumn. Soft, shimmering velours, fluffy faux furs like our Fiffy or Eirsbär are meeting natural wood and high pile carpets in which our feet sink into and muffle our steps. Of course the materials are allowed to be extraordinary, strangely patterned or three dimensional! No matter if you like them smocked, knitted, or imprinted. We want to feel, touch, experience them – and thus enjoy our home with all our senses. Which is why scented candles are up and coming this autumn: A nice smell at home ensures the right feel-good atmosphere. How about a candle that’s coriander scented? Or why not bake some apple pie, because that is bound to fill up the whole house with a marvellous smell. Hmm, what a beautiful thing it is, this autumn.

Croissant chair in the cover Cayenne, combined with a wonderfully soft high pile carpet, light wood and a classy velvet curtain in the Pantone trend colour Burnt olive.

Drop City Armchair in the cover Salvia, The rather reserved fabric is perfect for combining it with stronger colours like orange or claret, or maybe rust tones. Mix that with a colourful flokati rug and voila – a touch of 70s Realness has moved into your pad.

It’s cold and damp outside? Get comfy inside with our hand made pillows, smocked or buttoned (here in Deep Purple and Salvia) or set a highlight by positioning a flokati pillow: D154V in our cult cover Fiffy!

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